“After losing my husband in 2006, I wondered how life would ever make sense again. Without the Ever After support group I’m really not sure how I would have made sense of my experience. Death makes everything so disorientated, but having like-minded people travelling the same road, expressing the same disillusionment helped me rationalise and understand my emotions. It was the one place I felt like I had complete understanding with non-judgmental people, trying to survive, just like me.”


“I was 10 months into my journey after the loss of my partner. I was lost and alone and questioning my sanity. That is when I found Ever After and began to read the posts of all those who have experienced this trauma before me. The words, wisdom and knowledge of the members helped me to understand that what I was experiencing was normal and acceptable. The Site has helped me to develop strategies to manage my problems and to voice my own thoughts and in turn offer some form of help and advice to those who have come after me.”


“Ever After gave me a sense of belonging. EA provided a new family, a collection of people with similar experiences, shared emotions and thought processes. Members are able to listen, comment and support each other. It offered a safe location to truly purge without fears. EA was invaluable to me and my healing. I will forever be grateful for the creators of this website forum and the other members.”

Kerri Ann

“I have benefited from Ever After enormously since joining the site seventeen months after my husband passed away. It was important to me to connect with others who were in similar circumstances to which EA fit the bill perfectly. I had previously attended a local support group to which there were no members under seventy years of age, I have no doubt that their loss is just as devastating but I needed to share with younger people who were bringing up children on their own. Even if this group did meet my needs, it was only run once a month. The EA site allows access twenty four hours a day, which is extremely important as one hardly ever experiences a bad time on a Tuesday evening at 7pm once a month for example! I have made new friends here who truly understand what it’s like, I can relate to so many of the postings, it really is comforting to know what you are feeling is ‘normal’. I have benefited from contributing to the forum and from sending and receiving messages. I have gained much support from others and have given support as well, which I feel is equally if not more important. I am eternally grateful to the creators of this site of which its help has been so invaluable. Thanks”


“I have found that it is only in chatting with friends over our cyber site at Ever After who really understand how I feel and what I have been through over the last nineteen months, even the grief counsellor I am seeing admits that all his knowledge is from text books not from personal experience.”


“People lack the understanding of the everyday struggles we go through and maybe we expect just a little too much. This is why I love this forum. It’s a way of venting freely without risk of being judged by people who haven’t been directly touched by the same experience.”