Forever Loved – A guide book for widows & widowers

“Forever Loved – A guide book for widows & widowers” is a comprehensive guide to bereavement offering clear and practical advice to anyone who has lost a partner. Maria Carr and Aisling Pont were both widowed in 2006, faced with the double task of dealing with their own grief and that of their children, they formed a support group Ever After Widowed.

In writing this book Aisling and Maria have drawn on their own personal experiences of bereavement as well as the experiences of the Ever After Widowed members. This has enabled them to cover a broad spectrum of men and women going through the process. The book also features the input of a professional grief counsellor.

What makes this book unique is that it was lived before it was written. Forever Loved was written from the heart with the intention to bring hope and comfort to others on their journey through the grief process. “Our book is also the creation of something positive from such a sad time in our lives and it is a lasting dedication to two very special men who are forever loved.” (Aisling and Maria)

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